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Enjoy Our Many Mouthwatering Soda Flavors

In Barnett, Missouri, Rainbow Flavors, Inc., works hard to ensure that our many soda flavors are always in stock for our customers. Our extracts are perfect for making homemade soda, and they come in popular flavors, like root beer, lemon lime, and ginger.

Our Delicious Old Fashioned and Modern Flavors

We regularly manufacture a wide assortment of different extract flavors on a daily basis. All of our extracts are made from scratch, and we ship them directly from our manufacturing plant to our customers. Our fruity flavors include:

• Lemon Lime
• Strawberry
• Raspberry
• Orange
• Passion Fruit
• Cherry

Our Non-Fruity Flavors Include:

• Root Beer
• Birch Root Beer
• Sarsaparilla
• Cream
• Cola
• Ginger
• Spruce Beer
• Spruce Essence
• Egg Nog

Extract Package Sizes:

• 2 oz. • 32 oz. • 1 gallon • 5 gallon

root beer soda extract

spruce beer homemade soda

Our Customer Base

Fortunately, we don't have many competitors in our market that make soda extracts. This means that we're able to appeal to a wide customer base, including restaurant owners, stores, and breweries.

Ordering Process

Whether you want to purchase strawberry or sarsaparilla soda extract, you can count on us. If you're interested in placing an order with us, we prefer you to contact by phone or email. Currently there is no online store, and because we're a wholesale business, we do mostly bulk and business orders. Our minimum order requirements are three cases for 2 oz. containers and four cases for 32 oz. containers. Because we want to assure that each and every order is processed quickly and accurately, we keep every flavor in stock at all times. Shipping to Continental US & Canada are available.