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We offer an assortment of different soda flavors, perfect to use in your next batch of homemade soda. Rainbow Flavors, Inc., stocks many modern flavors, as well as popular, old-fashioned flavors. All of our extracts are available in a number of different sizes, and are always in stock, making it easy for you to receive an order in a timely manner.

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About Rainbow Flavors, Inc.

Located in Barnett, Missouri, Rainbow Flavors, Inc., is a small manufacturing company that specializes in creating many different soda extracts used in the creation of modern and old-fashioned sodas. Some of our products include raspberry, orange, cherry, and sarsaparilla soda extract. We sell our products nationwide and in Canada, and have been in business for more than 40 years.

Our company was founded by Robert Bruner in 1976. When he was first trying to get the business off the ground, he worked out of a basement in an old lodge. In those early years, Robert ran the company by himself. He made, bottled, and boxed his soda creations to sell to other companies, and his only marketing tool was word of mouth. The first hit flavor to come out of Rainbow Flavors, Inc., was the Old Fashioned Home Brew, a flavor that quickly became very popular among customers.


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